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Michaela’s Memories

I remember running through the fields, it was as if the sun shone on me even in overcast weather. Everything had a glow around it.
I constantly went into sleep paralysis states once. I could fall asleep and remember many dreams of free falling until I would wake up.
I thought I was a water bender
Never was I ever afraid or nervous around animals, quite the opposite.
I believed myself to have superior strength and anything that I truly wanted to do, i could.
i always wanted to run away, become a “spy”, and stop all the greedy CEO’s from carrying out their plans to end the world (i was 6 when this idea started)
i liked to have one friend with me at a time
growing up catholic, I always questioned the church and was not a supporter yet i found comfort in the idea of god and prayed all the time.
I have always thought i was born to do something great… always. I know I can. i have always felt so powerful
always had a strong belief in “ghosts” and such and i have been theorizing them since i was very young. I’ve seen a few ghosts. during my early teenage years, my friends and I were obsessed with the paranormal and often used a ouija board.. whenever i was around we had especially strong spiritual messages sent to us
when driving at night, streetlights often go out right as i go under them or near them. Also, the microwave in the basement short circuits every time i sleep down there.

These were some of the things that came to mind when asked about all my childhood experiences. I’ve recently come across the term “indigo” but I feel as if my months of astrological, spiritual, and soul searching research has led up to this glorious realization. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and a diagnosis of ADD since I was 14. although the memories above span from the years of 3-18(present) I used to believe that i became mental after the whole paranormal obsession and spirit connections. they may be linked but in reality i was just unhappy with the world around me and had a strong belief that people under the age of 18 were severely oppressed. I am so happy to know that I am in fact important and its not an illusion. lets go lets start this revolution I’m tired of waiting!!!!
thank you for reminding me of the important things that happened in my childhood for I had originally blocked most of it out :p

Thank you so much for sharing Michaela. Your memories brought back some of my own. Namaste,