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Introduction By:  Mary Summer Rain,  Author

A Note To The Parents And Guardians

Benjamin Franklin saw what he called electricity and believed in it while others who could not see it scoffed and ridiculed him. Where would we be today if all the great inventors of Yesteryear had been shamed into denying their beautiful discoveries because of the fear of being labeled strange or different? You, as parents and guardians, have fostered the belief in Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, therefore, do not question your child’s belief in other things he/she see and hear. The time has come to open up your minds as the little children and to take joy in the discoveries you find there.

Remember, the real truth in the saying:  “Seeing is Believing” is Believing is Seeing”

Truly, the most precious and valuable commodity of any Nation is that Nation’s children. For the children of today are the hope and salvation of the future of the planet Earth. Their imaginative abilities in conjunction with their vast creativity can, indeed, bring our world into new and enlightened heights that we have yet to envision. The children of today will be the new spiritual pioneers of the New Age of Peace and Harmony. It is our spiritual responsibility to ensure that each child’s understanding of the truths is as comprehensive as possible.  –Mountains,Meadows and Moonbeams, Author, Mary Summer Rain

I, too, was a parent that searched and searched for books to help my children grow in their spiritual vibration. I did not find Mary Summer Rain’s book until my children were grown and had children of their own.  So I began to share with my grandchildren. I have been blessed to have adult children who allow me to take these wonderful spiritual journeys with their children. As my daughter once said, “Ma…you are the only person I know who sits down with your little grandchildren and share with them how to have conversations with inanimate objects”. I thanked my daughter for understanding that those objects are made of the same stuff we are made of…..just a different vibration…What stuff you ask? The same atoms, molecules and energy from source (watch the movie “Phenomenon”). Now, I share some of the books I have found on my personal journey. May you, your children, grandchildren and all children finding this website enjoy our era of New Age Spiritual growth and experience.

Namaste, Duchess

Mountains,Meadows and Moonbeams, Author, Mary Summer Rain, will head that list for you to review. Please drop me an email as you find more to add.

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