Lesson 8 Inside Your Global Mission

Lesson 8 Inside Your Global Mission

In our last lesson, we looked at some externals related to your Global Mission, such as noticing which occupations and people you most admire. In this lesson, we’ll examine some internal components of your mission. These internal components of your Global Mission often feel like an alarm clock ringing deep inside of you. You may feel the alarm clock ringing as a pressure in your gut, urging you to make a contribution to world peace. Or, you may connect with your inner alarm clock in the form of worry: you worry about why you’re on the planet, the meaning of your life, what your life’s purpose is, whether you can make money with your purpose, or whether someone else will “beat you to your purpose.”

You may also feel your mission in the form of joy whenever you think about it. Or you may feel it as anger as you think about a global issue (such as children or environmentalism) which is near and dear to your heart. Your Global Mission knocks on your inner doors through repetitive feelings (such as those described above), thoughts, ideas, visions, and wishes. These inner messages always have the same theme: they ask you to improve the world in some way. You may think that your mission is just a dream. You may worry whether you are qualified or prepared for your mission.

The ego is our lower self. Everyone has an ego, and it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. What matters is that you recognize the ego’s tell-tale characteristics of guilt, fear, doubt, and blame… and not give it power or reality. Your ego doesn’t want you to remember your Global Mission, because the ego wants to continue its reign of fear. So the ego always attacks our most vulnerable issues. For instance, if you fear being arrogant, your ego will tell you that you’re being arrogant by dreaming about helping others. If you fear being wrong, then the ego will tell you not to make decisions because you might make the “wrong” decision. If you fear others ridiculing you, the ego will taunt you with that ridiculing fear when you think about speaking in public. Reclaiming Your Indigo Power means taking back your power from the ego. It means putting your power into your Global Mission instead.

Lesson 8 Assignment

This week, notice your repetitive feelings, thoughts, and dreams which urge you to make improvements in the world. Write them down, even if you don’t believe they’re real or possible. On separate pieces of paper, write any ego-fears which arise when you think about making these contributions to the world. Put those ego-fears into the God Box which you created in Lesson 4. (A God Box is a special box in a private place or on an altar in which you place your prayers or worries, as a way of letting them go). Affirm frequently, “I am safe, loved, and protected as I focus upon bringing more light into this world through my Global Mission.”

In Lesson 9, we’ll discuss working with powerful archangels and ascended masters to continue building your inner strength and clarity with respect to your Indigo Power.


6 thoughts on “Lesson 8 Inside Your Global Mission

  1. After reading and writing every question down, after spending so many years wondering what my purpose is, I think I finally found a part of it. And in chapter 7, when you mentioned the way ego comes in play with fear, using it as a weapon…I’m a college student right now and really all I want is to fulfill my purpose, to make a rippled effect in the world, to make a change, etc… but you totally gutted me with the “or will I be financially supported doing work that’s related to my true interested” part.

    I want to be able to pursue my purpose as well as be financially supported later in life doing something that I’m truly interested in, something that will bring me close to what my purpose is. And so its a weary moment in life for me, and to know that its not just ME, really just kind of change perspective a bit I guess you can say.

    So thank you for this wonderful blog.


    • Hi Samantha….Duchess Here, You will grow to understand that you create your own reality through your thought. The purpose you were designed to move forward to is already in play. Everything you have done or experienced is mapping out your Mission/Purpose even when it doesn’t seem like it. It’s been said that when you find the thing you would love to do, even if there was no pay, then you have found your niche in life. The finances will come. Find the niche first! Namaste

  2. Iv never felt more lost then now since I turned 30. I have been so different from everyone for so long that now I live in isolation with my wife and daughter. No one wants my company or words. I only recently discovered how special I am through deep meditation, yet I’m building more questions and finding myself further into confusion. The more knowledgeable I become the further I seem to slip away.
    How do I trust myself again, how do I become a child like mind so I can relax?
    This may not be the right place for this but I need help. I need real help not someone making me fell small, dumb or weird.
    Thank you for this lesson. I am a lost indigo adult and I lossing my self fast.

    • Dear Omen, Lesson 8 isn’t even half way through the Lessons. There are 28 of them. They are all right there. Just let your mouse curser explore the site. There are wonders to behold. Let me know how you feel after you complete all 28 lessons.. Namaste, Duchess

  3. So I’ve been sent here with this mission I’ve seen how bad it is I have a uncontrollable urge to fight for what is truly right for peace and harmony for consciousness the revolution how can I help us rise up and fight the system help restore all what is owed to our motherland Africa and nature?

    • Hi Steven, As an Indigo, we do the fight by learning how to be compassionate to all there is. We learn different modes of Spiritual Growth by exploring. Read some of the books listed on this website. The best thing you can do for the fight is to read and learn. Spiritual progress is the order of the day. Not perfection. The fight is not a physical one. It is a Spiritual one.

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