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The Pain Of The Indigo

Posted By TS on June 18, 2020 Aren’t Indigo supposed to bring the change? Self diagnosing yourself as indigo isn’t gonna fix a thing? This is not a world for humans anymore. We have strayed so far that we have literally repressed our biology, instincts and our humanity. We repressed all this for paper money worth nothing but we are told it’s worth everything. This world makes me sick and I hate being here because I will never be okay with what we have become as a species: slaves to a system that literally does. not. care. for. Us. We are the system, not a bunch of old rich dudes who wrote a “constitution”.
I have lived my whole 24 years in so much pain, depression, crippling anxiety, anger and frustration. I have been hurt and abandoned over and over and that is all I could do to give back to the world. I’m one person and I can’t change a world this big, I pray for a reset button everyday, but I did change the lives of the people who would’ve or could’ve suffered the things I went through. Without me, it would’ve been someone else’s burden and they may not have been able to handle it. From the pain of what seems to be a never-ending wave of horrors, challenges and mountains I’ve had to climb. I can help others who have suffered to find the same peace with it as I did. I want that for everyone. We thrive as a tribe not as the lone wolf. It does take a village. If you truly believe your an Indigo, then why is the world still the same? I already have superpowers, what are yours?

Posted By T June 18 I had a dream of a spirit once claiming to be my guide and I did a Oujia Board as a kid and the same spirit came to me and taught me of Indigo past lives. She told me in the nine lives I’d accumulated 116 years of life. That’s sad as fuck to me. Apparently in one life I was a little Jewish girl killed in ww2 but before my death, apparently Hitler had begun to consider this girl like his own. In his personal diaries he quotes and references her often. He broke when she died at 11 in a camp because he couldn’t stop it. I’ve had the dream more times then I can count. How does that happen? My spirit guide believes time isn’t real and dreams are memories, predictions, realities and truth. Hope that helps.

Posted By Pravalika Das July 24, 2020,: Hi, I am an Indigo child but it seems I started awakening since the age of 15 that is since 2 years. Since childhood I had a weird feeling that I was different and when I used to see that my friends, and family, all are different than me. I would always feel that something is wrong within me and I think that is the reason why I got disconnected from my powers. It was only when I was in the worst of situations that led me to completely surrender to God and it seemed that was something that triggered my powers once again. I remember memories from my past life. I have never seen any spirits, but firmly believe that I have a guardian angel who looks after me. I have also felt spirits trying to communicate with me by touching or other actions. Poor me, I was always taught to fear them and maybe that is the reason why I can’t see them because I feel they can sense the fear in me. But I am really happy that I am getting such a wonderful insight of my powers through your blogs. I also feel that I have psychic abilities which I want to flourish….Thanks.
(A girl from India)

Posted By David August 30, 2020

Hi Duchess, I’ve had a REALLY hard life. I came across an ‘Indigo Children’ video a few years ago now and it freaked me out so much my whole body tingled all over and could not stop crying. EVERY single thing it said, WAS ME… It was as if it was describing me personally. Just the other day I was drawn to a website ‘’ and AGAIN, the exact same thing happened. I burst into tears and my body tingled all over. I’m almost certain I’m an Indigo now. I tick every single box there is but still don’t know where to go from here. I really need some help understanding all this, I’ve never spoke to anyone else about any of this as they would think I’m crazy. Can you please HELP me. Thank you

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