Lesson 10 The Energy Of Integrity

Lesson 10 The Energy Of IntegrityAs an evolving individual, Indigo or Indigo-Scout, your mission is to usher in the new energy of integrity into the world. Your inner truth detector is 100% accurate. You KNOW when someone’s being deceitful,,, … including when you have deceived yourself.Your Indigo Power is fueled when you have high self-esteem and feel good about yourself. In this lesson, we’ll begin to release anything which is lowering your self-esteem. Although it feels scary to look within yourself, rest assured that you will find a great treasure inside yourself. Only the ego says that there is something lacking or less than within you.  Your Higher Self knows the truth: that you are a perfect reflection of the Divine Creator!Is there some part of your life that doesn’t feel right? Do you ever feel like you’re in the “wrong movie” and your life is supposed to look much, much different?  If so, then part of your life is out of alignment. And like when a car’s tires are out of alignment, this can slow you down and impede your progress.The first part of aligning your life comes from taking an honest inventory of areas of dissatisfaction. When you do this inventory, do not despair and do not worry about how you will resolve the situation. Just concentrate on the first step – deciding which areas need to be fixed. It’s like going through a home with a notebook in hand, to decide which walls need new paint. While you’re making this list, you don’t paint the walls. That comes later. It is the same with making adjustments.

The ego may try to tell you that it takes a long time for your life to be healed. That’s because the ego is stuck in the dimension of time and physicality. Your higher self knows that there is a parallel universe where everything in your life is already healed. Once we take the inventory during this lesson, we can then make adjustments that will bring the healed parallel universe into your experience. In other words, expect a miracle!

The inventory that you will conduct in Lesson 10 is a powerful step towards Reclaiming your Indigo Power.  This will boost self-esteem, confidence and energy levels. It will help you to walk your talk, which is important in establishing credibility as a Spiritual teacher or healer.

 Lesson 10 Assignment  

Throughout today and for the next few days, carry a pad of paper wherever you go. Notice parts of your life that you’d like to heal and write them down. As you write each life area down, write after it, “I now completely surrender this to Divine Love and Wisdom in perfect faith.”

You will likely receive Divine guidance about making some changes. For now, just write this guidance down. It’s not the time to make radical life changes. That will come about naturally and harmoniously throughout this process.

In Lesson 11, we will continue with the healing and realignment process.  Remember: call upon the angels and archangels if you need a boost in faith and optimism at any time.


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    • So happy you enjoyed. Please visit often. I will be updating web on a regular basis. Getting back in the swing of things. I must also give thanks to all the wonderful persons that have helped me enhance this website by sharing their knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

  1. I am amazed and excited, I feel that my search of who I am is now complete.
    Now I can move on with a clearer direction toward the missions that have been waiting.
    many thanks and much love xxx

  2. I have so many problems that I need help. I am definitely Indigo and I believe my daughter is Crystal. However, I have been addicted to drugs on and off for ten years. Now I notice that my 12 year old daughter is being affected by this, she is doing self harm. I don’t know what to do. Help!

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