Lesson 13 Shifting Our Perceptions To Create Peace

Lesson 13 Shifting Our Perceptions To Create Peace

The role of an Indigo Scout is to prepare the way for the perception of a new World, the world that the Indigo and Crystal Children will initiate and proclaim, a world of peace and compassion. Notice that I used the phrase “new world perception.” It is very important to understand what this means, for the only way to accomplish the mission we chose before we were born is to understand what it is. Once we understand, we can align ourselves with the conditions that assure its completion.

The way for us to welcome the New World, is to KNOW that it is already present. The only thing that needs to shift in order for it to be revealed is our perception, or in other words, our ability to “See” what is right in front of us. There are times in our lives when this is easily accomplished, while at other times it feels impossible and unattainable. The role of any Indigo, Scout or otherwise, is to learn how to transmute situations or moments when perceiving the New world is difficult. In doing so, the veil that seems to separate us from the New World becomes thinner for everyone. In other words, our willingness to perceive the New World makes it easier for others. In the end, this is the greatest gift we can offer another, or the world itself.

We are here to align our vision with Divine Vision. Let’s not kid ourselves or think it is anything less than this.  We are here for a Holy Purpose. We are Emissaries of Light, with the most important mission in the Universe. Until now we have participated in creating a world that does not even exist in the Mind of God. In this way we have added energy to an impossible situation, and now it appears that the unreal world is the only reality that exists. Here lies the need for the mission we chose, the mission of perceiving a New World and in doing so, make it manifest for everyone.

But how do we accomplish this goal when peace seems to be so far away? We could offer dozens of tools and practices for releasing these energies, but in the end, simple tools are not what we need. The real need is so simple, and yet so critical, that it is usually not recognized at all. This is what the Children really need from us, for our willingness to stand beside them in this knowledge is the only thing that will initiate everyone’s perception of the Real World.  If we’re willing to offer this one gift, then everything else will fall naturally into place, and the world of dreams disappears on its own.

Here is the one thing we need to do:  No matter how things appear, KNOW that Divine Will is being accomplished now!

Take a deep breath and say these words several times. What do they mean to you? Do not speak from your mind, but let the answer stir within your heart, then, move like a gentle glow of light slowly toward your awareness. What would happen if you approach every situation that seems to separate you from peace or from what we are calling the New World, with the certainty that Divine Will is being accomplished this very moment, regardless of its appearance? Would you be more open to creative solutions then if you tried to solve the problem on your own? Maybe you will find yourself saying something that makes no sense to your perceptual mind, but which is the perfect solution for the moment.  Maybe you would naturally find yourself being used as an Instrument of Peace, or an Emissary of Light.

The message of this lesson is simple: You cannot use the rules of the old paradigm to create the New World of peace and compassion for all beings. A new methodology must be learned, one that is aligned with the World we are trying to create. This cannot be seen, then practiced, until we realize that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD. From this point of surrender we can be used in new ways, and the New World appears naturally. Does this sound simple? I hope so, because in many ways it really is. You chose to be on this earth at this particular time to work alongside the other souls who are committed to bringing peace where conflict once ruled. The only way you can do this is by “Seeing” the Real World that is already present in our hearts. Then we will welcome it together.


5 thoughts on “Lesson 13 Shifting Our Perceptions To Create Peace

  1. The current global awakening quickly reveals this new world to those who are triggered in the ongoing awakening. It’s a feeling of being disconnected from the old world. As I understand it, less than half of one percent of the global population is needed to wake up and sense this new world, or new reality, to establish it. Old energy is falling away, so things are changing quickly.

    • Hi Tony, And that is what some call “Critical Mass”. Or, when that one more energy shifts to make the whole darn thing change. Now you sir, have made my day.

  2. I have to say that until I found this site I felt very isolated and not a little out of step with this world. This page about being a Indigo Scout has really given me great understanding in the knowledge that I have and the fear that I have had to share it. It allows me to see that what I have to offer is of great need in the world today. I began to perceive the need to envision the world the way I want it to be, the way I know in my heart it needs to be to bring the new world to fruition! Thank You!

  3. In the world I see inside, there is no president or Kings. There is no system MADE from money that creates suffering. We all know what we need. All my life i have been so angry. I see chains around peoples feet. No one is born free. I want to use a key I have in my hand, to release these chains but no one want to be free. They get afraid if I start to speak about how I see the world. They say I am evil and negative if I Tell the truth. I discovered my blue energy and when I use it in healing it start to glow inside them but the color is gold. They become like they are drunk and some can’t stop laughing.

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