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JOY  I’ve now read up to lesson 5 but came back to one with a question. I understand now that I am indigo. Why is it that I cannot remember much about my childhood. I try to remember things and I feel blocked, angry that simple things even my siblings bring up, I don’t remember. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m so thankful to have found your site. I’m learning so much. I was researching spiritual awakening before getting here. As my senses just opened and I became very sensitive, the empathy and feelings I took from others started to make me crazy even sick. I’ve seen past events in visions of what I believe really happened that has been kept from humanity, Or I’m just crazy, but a certain knowing is just there. I can’t tell people what I know or see for fear of what they might think of me. I need to learn to filter. Some advice I found was telling me to ground myself better, and shield or block this until I’m ready but I think I need to embrace this and help others with the release and love they need. I just need to know how to release their junk so I don’t hold it. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

DUCHESS:  Continue the lessons until complete. Then return to ask the questions


JEHU When you say “Creator” and “Spirit,” are you speaking of God? Like the God of the Christians? The God connected to Jesus Christ? I have been so lost since I was excommunicated from the church I was in 3 years ago. I’ve sensed that there was more to the story of God and of Jesus. That there was knowledge we were missing. I’ve always been hyper-spiritual, I’ve seen angels, and I can heal people, and feel their feelings, and when I command demons to leave a person, they leave. Churches don’t know what to do with me, and quite honestly I don’t know what to do with me. I have every single characteristic of an indigo child displayed on any website. But I don’t know what this is. Do you believe in Jesus? Just in the way we are supposed to understand him? Where do you get your information and wisdom? I need help. Thank you.

DUCHESS:  My favorite series of books are the “Conversation With God” series I, II & III by, Neale Donald Walsch. Cleared up a lot of stuff… So I would suggest you start there.


 MARINE Hey there, First of all I want to thank you for writing this blog. You have no idea how much this is helping me in my journey. It’s like a flashlight in the dark. Now, I’d like to share my feelings about lesson 7. I found this website today and been going thru all those changes on my own already without knowing where to go next. Number 7 is my lucky number, I was born march 7th, I tattooed it on my hand and been seeing double, triple even quadruple 7’s for a month now. I’ve been studying numerology since then. I knew coming into Lesson 7 everything will make sense. I know now that my mission, or what I feel it should be, is helping teen indigo going the…..


KAY In reply to RD.

Do any others have issues with very bad luck? I can’t find any sources that are helpful. They’re all “you create your own reality” or “things are your fault”. Like, as a used-to-be Buddhist, I know the difference between setting myself up for failure and some kind of cursed fate I’m the universe’s joke kind of luck. I’m a optimist, but bad things CONSTANTLY happen to me and I’m so tired of it. And electronics? They’re so expensive, and mine are always defective or plain broken. It could be brand new and I’m starting it up and it’ll just crash kind of thing. Is this an Empath-Indigo-Slider related problem? Where everything breaks even if you don’t touch it? UGH!!!

DUCHESS:  For your reading pleasure I would recommend E-Squared and E-Cubed, by Pam Grout. It would be wise for you to start seeing just how much power you really do have at creating your own reality….


MICHAL hey to all of my brothers and sisters of light,,first of all thank you 4 this article…inspiring. Like most of us I’m being shut down by the society. But the most painful is by my own family. This makes me soooo sooo’s so peaceful to know that I’m not alone. We are all part of something bigger which is to enlighten this dark and sad planet.. We are all children of love and we need to wake up! For those that already did, well done. We are so much closer now.  For those who are still afraid of who they are…Brothers/Sisters there is nothing wrong with you. Believe me. Accept your destiny and forgive people who have caused you hurt and sorrow. They will probably never understand you and who you are…And you are Indigo! God bless you all.  Love and Light

DUCHESS:  Thank you for that Michal


LEASHA  In reply to luciana. We are still human. Indigo or not we all make mistakes and judge. No one should, but we do. As for the whole Obama crap. Open your eyes Indigos. We are to change the government in All forms. Unless indigo is corrupt, indigo scouts lost and caught up in there egos, you’ll hear the lies and feel the truth. Bad shit happens to us all but as indigos children or adults no matter what goes on. Or happens to you, you know you’re gonna make a change in the world. Some how, in some way, no matter how small or great of a change. You know you’re gonna do it.  So with love, compassion, openmindness, heart and determination let’s do what we came here to do. The government is not us and if this site were any good these words would have never been spoken to indigos knowing the government angers us all in so many ways indigos are the real heroes.

DUCHESS:  I have this to say. Indigos are the Masters of the new Energy. As Masters, we will be found in every aspect of living on the face of this earth. How can we implement change in government if we do not infiltrate the halls of government. Don’t be fooled by the clothes we wear, or the titles we hold. Just like you have seen the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” the time has come that you may see many a “sheep in wolves” clothing. A true Indigo will be able to see though the illusions.


JESSICA You know i have always felt like I never belonged anywhere. It seems the older I get the more I am alone. I have always been called different or eccentric and even weird. I had a accident when I was six, I drowned in a pool died and then I came back. I remember it as if it was happening right now. I remember a lot from when I was 2, 3 and up. A lot of ppl also say I am a push over or nieve because I allow ppl to walk all over me. But that is not the reason. The reason is because I believe ppl need a few chances and that there is good in everyone. I also have trouble being happy if other ppl around me are not happy and pick up on ppls moods all the time. I am a walking detector only if I am balanced and neutrality positive. It is hard to be an indigo. The world seems to be against us. But we are only a few compared to all of the negative vibrations out there these days. And I find ppl are very jealous of me and that’s why I usually end up alone. Any thoughts?

PS…..I wanted to add one more thing. I have always been able to tell when someone was sick and was going to pass over. An it always seemed that when I went to visit the person that ended up sick they passed away. I never liked to go visit anyone that was sick because I could feel their suffering and suffering causes me so much pain. My father passed away on Dec 25 2012 and I still, to this day, feel the suffering he had to endure while he was ill and I still feel the separation anxiety everyday. I don’t know how to live now that he is gone.

DUCHESS:  Most of us Indigos feel like we don’t belong… this may sound cold, but we just learn to get over it. We insulate ourselves because we feel so much of the pain around us. Try imagining divine white light surrounding you during those times you are surround by other people’s pain. You might also take a Shaman’s bath in white candle light. Recipe- 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup sea salt, 10 drops sage essential oil…relax.


GABRIEL  I’m really gratful for this website and all the people involved. I always felt like I were alone hahaha. I’ve been making researches about this subject and by what I had read, there’s just a few of the signs from being an indigo person that I’m not in. I’d really love to tell you about all my experiences, but I don’t want to (hahahahaha).
Really impressed me that the comments seems so genuine and well written. That kind of make believe and want to read more about as well as reading the other lessons. Greetings from Brazil!

DUCHESS: Hi Brazil. My, my aren’t you full of contradictions? ~~YOU~~”I’d really love to tell you all about my experiences, but I don’t want to”. Before you can harness your Indigo Energy.. you need to make up your mind which way you want to go. Take care and Namaste.

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  1. Here’s to being blind no longer!
    Thank u so much for this realization during my growth I can’t wait to continue the other 28 lessons I can only scratch the surface of what could be. I’m sure forever grateful.

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