Lesson 14 Manifesting Your Life Purpose (Part I)

Lesson 14 Manifesting Your Life Purpose (Part I)

As we continue to stay in touch with our life purpose, being the peace in the New World, we want to look at remembering how to manifest all that we would like in our lives.

“Our beliefs create our reality” holds true for everything in our lives. Our beliefs about our worthiness create how we feel about ourselves and what we experience as a result of this. Do you really believe that you have the ability to manifest everything you want? Do you believe that you are worthy of true abundance or are there old beliefs blocking your flow from coming into you?

Let’s look at the following questions to get in touch with some of our beliefs that may have come from old programming:

  • What are your fears or beliefs about money? (ex.: if I lose my job, I will not be able to pay my bills, and others will see me as a loser.)
  • What are your beliefs about wealth, prosperity and abundance? (ex.: You need to work hard and lots of hours to succeed. People will want things from me if I am rich. Money leads to greed.)
  • What are your beliefs about your own value or worthiness to receive abundance?
  • What are your beliefs about yourself? (ex.: Who am I to receive abundance without working “hard” for it? I know other people can do it, but this is not my gift.)

It is important to create new belief systems that support our manifesting process. You can do this by releasing old fears and beliefs, substituting them with new ones. Write down your old belief, release it (to release it you can burn it or cross it out or mentally reframe it) and create a new belief to replace it. Ways that you can create new belief systems include: regularly saying them out loud; writing them down repeatedly; catching yourself when the old patterns come up and “cancelling” them out. Become aware of your spoken word and become conscious of having your words match your new belief system.

What would it look like if we shifted from believing that our job is our source (or some other outside circumstance) to believing that our Creator is our source? Learning more about the Universal Laws of Prosperity may also help us to create new beliefs about ourselves and about our prosperity and we will cover that in our next lesson.

Your Assignment: Spend time thinking about your earliest money memories. What were your experiences around money from your childhood and how did those experiences influence your current beliefs?

Answer the questions listed above to help you discover any limiting beliefs that may be blocking your ability to manifest.

Once you have found those limiting ideas, create a simple ceremony to release them (follow your personal intuition on this).

Replace old beliefs with new ones and practice them.


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