The Pain Of The Indigo

Posted By TS on June 18, 2020 Aren’t Indigo supposed to bring the change? Self diagnosing yourself as indigo isn’t gonna fix a thing? This is not a world for humans anymore. We have strayed so far that we have literally repressed our biology, instincts and our humanity. We repressed all this for paper money worth nothing but we are told it’s worth everything. This world makes me sick and I hate being here because I will never be okay with what we have become as a species: slaves to a system that literally does. not. care. for. Us. We are the system, not a bunch of old rich dudes who wrote a “constitution”.
I have lived my whole 24 years in so much pain, depression, crippling anxiety, anger and frustration. I have been hurt and abandoned over and over and that is all I could do to give back to the world. I’m one person and I can’t change a world this big, I pray for a reset button everyday, but I did change the lives of the people who would’ve or could’ve suffered the things I went through. Without me, it would’ve been someone else’s burden and they may not have been able to handle it. From the pain of what seems to be a never-ending wave of horrors, challenges and mountains I’ve had to climb. I can help others who have suffered to find the same peace with it as I did. I want that for everyone. We thrive as a tribe not as the lone wolf. It does take a village. If you truly believe your an Indigo, then why is the world still the same? I already have superpowers, what are yours?

Posted By T June 18 I had a dream of a spirit once claiming to be my guide and I did a Oujia Board as a kid and the same spirit came to me and taught me of Indigo past lives. She told me in the nine lives I’d accumulated 116 years of life. That’s sad as fuck to me. Apparently in one life I was a little Jewish girl killed in ww2 but before my death, apparently Hitler had begun to consider this girl like his own. In his personal diaries he quotes and references her often. He broke when she died at 11 in a camp because he couldn’t stop it. I’ve had the dream more times then I can count. How does that happen? My spirit guide believes time isn’t real and dreams are memories, predictions, realities and truth. Hope that helps.

Posted By Pravalika Das July 24, 2020,: Hi, I am an Indigo child but it seems I started awakening since the age of 15 that is since 2 years. Since childhood I had a weird feeling that I was different and when I used to see that my friends, and family, all are different than me. I would always feel that something is wrong within me and I think that is the reason why I got disconnected from my powers. It was only when I was in the worst of situations that led me to completely surrender to God and it seemed that was something that triggered my powers once again. I remember memories from my past life. I have never seen any spirits, but firmly believe that I have a guardian angel who looks after me. I have also felt spirits trying to communicate with me by touching or other actions. Poor me, I was always taught to fear them and maybe that is the reason why I can’t see them because I feel they can sense the fear in me. But I am really happy that I am getting such a wonderful insight of my powers through your blogs. I also feel that I have psychic abilities which I want to flourish….Thanks.
(A girl from India)

Posted By David August 30, 2020

Hi Duchess, I’ve had a REALLY hard life. I came across an ‘Indigo Children’ video a few years ago now and it freaked me out so much my whole body tingled all over and could not stop crying. EVERY single thing it said, WAS ME… It was as if it was describing me personally. Just the other day I was drawn to a website ‘’ and AGAIN, the exact same thing happened. I burst into tears and my body tingled all over. I’m almost certain I’m an Indigo now. I tick every single box there is but still don’t know where to go from here. I really need some help understanding all this, I’ve never spoke to anyone else about any of this as they would think I’m crazy. Can you please HELP me. Thank you

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Hi Duchess,

Greetings from the other side of the world (New Zealand). I truly hope you continue to maintain your website and also continue to offer advice and love to those of this wave.

Firstly a little bit about me and my time here. I am an Indigo born in 1965 and am what you refer to as a scout. However, I would add that our main role is to set energy for those behind us to build on. We are in effect the foundation builders.

I had a typical Indigo childhood, eg a high IQ, fully developed psychic abilities and thus was the black sheep of any flock. A complete failure at school and somewhat of a paradox to my teachers, as it was clear to them that I was intelligent but some how unteachable. To this day I still cant spell words or divide numbers due to severe dyslexia. When I left school I educated myself my way.

My chosen Mother was an Indigo. So, she was able to help me understand many things although she left when I was 7 and I only got to see her during holiday periods. By 21 I have reached a cross road and was offered one of two paths. The first was to die while alive (the full elimination of self) which would have seen me burn brightly for a period then leave to continue working in the planes.

The second was to take a break and attempt a semi normal life. I choose the latter, obviously, as I have not been here for sometime and had greatly missed the fruits of this home and hence felt I deserved more playtime here.

I used alcohol and drugs to suppress my abilities until I could not stand these payments of poison which lend me to dark places and the company of dark entities.

By the end of this period I had completed 6 international patents in water chemistry (google..Andrew Peter Musson patents). The company I had built had been taken over by people who’s only desire was money.  And, not the restoration of the planets water systems. Which are of course one of several very important things that needs immediate attention. I left the company knowing I had brought new knowledge into the world and that others would use this as a start point.

Our current world is under huge pressure and the reasons that drive this are far from simple. You will probably know that we currently have more souls incarnate here at present than ever before. All seek to have as many experiences as possible. This is because we are at a point where those who have gone backwards and not evolved will soon be removed from this wave and placed in a new one which is better suited to their learning requirements.

We are here to assist our planet while this all plays out. It is my hope that as many souls as possible move forward and are not left behind. This sort of major change has not happened for a very long time and only occurs when large potential difference occurs in a group of souls and this potential difference no longer serves all.

The real power of Indigo’s is yet to be seen as many have been operating alone,  without direction. Soon many will be asked to add to the work which is now fully underway. This work is subtle and is simply the laying of heart energy to the world without thought of who or what will use it.

As more and more Indigo’s take up this work, the scales will slowly tip towards positive outcomes across the board. This is the only real approach that can work now, as the lords of material have mostly blocked anyone but their own into their multiple offices of power and of course are the majority here.

In conclusion I would again thank you and hope you continue your great work.

Kind Regards,


Thank for sharing your thoughts with us Andrew. Please visit us often… Namaste, Duchess

INDIGOS SPEAK OUT – Duchess Responds

JOY  I’ve now read up to lesson 5 but came back to one with a question. I understand now that I am indigo. Why is it that I cannot remember much about my childhood. I try to remember things and I feel blocked, angry that simple things even my siblings bring up, I don’t remember. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m so thankful to have found your site. I’m learning so much. I was researching spiritual awakening before getting here. As my senses just opened and I became very sensitive, the empathy and feelings I took from others started to make me crazy even sick. I’ve seen past events in visions of what I believe really happened that has been kept from humanity, Or I’m just crazy, but a certain knowing is just there. I can’t tell people what I know or see for fear of what they might think of me. I need to learn to filter. Some advice I found was telling me to ground myself better, and shield or block this until I’m ready but I think I need to embrace this and help others with the release and love they need. I just need to know how to release their junk so I don’t hold it. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

DUCHESS:  Continue the lessons until complete. Then return to ask the questions


JEHU When you say “Creator” and “Spirit,” are you speaking of God? Like the God of the Christians? The God connected to Jesus Christ? I have been so lost since I was excommunicated from the church I was in 3 years ago. I’ve sensed that there was more to the story of God and of Jesus. That there was knowledge we were missing. I’ve always been hyper-spiritual, I’ve seen angels, and I can heal people, and feel their feelings, and when I command demons to leave a person, they leave. Churches don’t know what to do with me, and quite honestly I don’t know what to do with me. I have every single characteristic of an indigo child displayed on any website. But I don’t know what this is. Do you believe in Jesus? Just in the way we are supposed to understand him? Where do you get your information and wisdom? I need help. Thank you.

DUCHESS:  My favorite series of books are the “Conversation With God” series I, II & III by, Neale Donald Walsch. Cleared up a lot of stuff… So I would suggest you start there.


 MARINE Hey there, First of all I want to thank you for writing this blog. You have no idea how much this is helping me in my journey. It’s like a flashlight in the dark. Now, I’d like to share my feelings about lesson 7. I found this website today and been going thru all those changes on my own already without knowing where to go next. Number 7 is my lucky number, I was born march 7th, I tattooed it on my hand and been seeing double, triple even quadruple 7’s for a month now. I’ve been studying numerology since then. I knew coming into Lesson 7 everything will make sense. I know now that my mission, or what I feel it should be, is helping teen indigo going the…..


KAY In reply to RD.

Do any others have issues with very bad luck? I can’t find any sources that are helpful. They’re all “you create your own reality” or “things are your fault”. Like, as a used-to-be Buddhist, I know the difference between setting myself up for failure and some kind of cursed fate I’m the universe’s joke kind of luck. I’m a optimist, but bad things CONSTANTLY happen to me and I’m so tired of it. And electronics? They’re so expensive, and mine are always defective or plain broken. It could be brand new and I’m starting it up and it’ll just crash kind of thing. Is this an Empath-Indigo-Slider related problem? Where everything breaks even if you don’t touch it? UGH!!!

DUCHESS:  For your reading pleasure I would recommend E-Squared and E-Cubed, by Pam Grout. It would be wise for you to start seeing just how much power you really do have at creating your own reality….


MICHAL hey to all of my brothers and sisters of light,,first of all thank you 4 this article…inspiring. Like most of us I’m being shut down by the society. But the most painful is by my own family. This makes me soooo sooo’s so peaceful to know that I’m not alone. We are all part of something bigger which is to enlighten this dark and sad planet.. We are all children of love and we need to wake up! For those that already did, well done. We are so much closer now.  For those who are still afraid of who they are…Brothers/Sisters there is nothing wrong with you. Believe me. Accept your destiny and forgive people who have caused you hurt and sorrow. They will probably never understand you and who you are…And you are Indigo! God bless you all.  Love and Light

DUCHESS:  Thank you for that Michal


LEASHA  In reply to luciana. We are still human. Indigo or not we all make mistakes and judge. No one should, but we do. As for the whole Obama crap. Open your eyes Indigos. We are to change the government in All forms. Unless indigo is corrupt, indigo scouts lost and caught up in there egos, you’ll hear the lies and feel the truth. Bad shit happens to us all but as indigos children or adults no matter what goes on. Or happens to you, you know you’re gonna make a change in the world. Some how, in some way, no matter how small or great of a change. You know you’re gonna do it.  So with love, compassion, openmindness, heart and determination let’s do what we came here to do. The government is not us and if this site were any good these words would have never been spoken to indigos knowing the government angers us all in so many ways indigos are the real heroes.

DUCHESS:  I have this to say. Indigos are the Masters of the new Energy. As Masters, we will be found in every aspect of living on the face of this earth. How can we implement change in government if we do not infiltrate the halls of government. Don’t be fooled by the clothes we wear, or the titles we hold. Just like you have seen the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” the time has come that you may see many a “sheep in wolves” clothing. A true Indigo will be able to see though the illusions.


JESSICA You know i have always felt like I never belonged anywhere. It seems the older I get the more I am alone. I have always been called different or eccentric and even weird. I had a accident when I was six, I drowned in a pool died and then I came back. I remember it as if it was happening right now. I remember a lot from when I was 2, 3 and up. A lot of ppl also say I am a push over or nieve because I allow ppl to walk all over me. But that is not the reason. The reason is because I believe ppl need a few chances and that there is good in everyone. I also have trouble being happy if other ppl around me are not happy and pick up on ppls moods all the time. I am a walking detector only if I am balanced and neutrality positive. It is hard to be an indigo. The world seems to be against us. But we are only a few compared to all of the negative vibrations out there these days. And I find ppl are very jealous of me and that’s why I usually end up alone. Any thoughts?

PS…..I wanted to add one more thing. I have always been able to tell when someone was sick and was going to pass over. An it always seemed that when I went to visit the person that ended up sick they passed away. I never liked to go visit anyone that was sick because I could feel their suffering and suffering causes me so much pain. My father passed away on Dec 25 2012 and I still, to this day, feel the suffering he had to endure while he was ill and I still feel the separation anxiety everyday. I don’t know how to live now that he is gone.

DUCHESS:  Most of us Indigos feel like we don’t belong… this may sound cold, but we just learn to get over it. We insulate ourselves because we feel so much of the pain around us. Try imagining divine white light surrounding you during those times you are surround by other people’s pain. You might also take a Shaman’s bath in white candle light. Recipe- 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup sea salt, 10 drops sage essential oil…relax.


GABRIEL  I’m really gratful for this website and all the people involved. I always felt like I were alone hahaha. I’ve been making researches about this subject and by what I had read, there’s just a few of the signs from being an indigo person that I’m not in. I’d really love to tell you about all my experiences, but I don’t want to (hahahahaha).
Really impressed me that the comments seems so genuine and well written. That kind of make believe and want to read more about as well as reading the other lessons. Greetings from Brazil!

DUCHESS: Hi Brazil. My, my aren’t you full of contradictions? ~~YOU~~”I’d really love to tell you all about my experiences, but I don’t want to”. Before you can harness your Indigo Energy.. you need to make up your mind which way you want to go. Take care and Namaste.

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BRITTANY’S STORY– Pain of Being Indigo


I have never cried so many tears of relief and fear at the same time. I’m Brittany, a 23 year old, single mother who was raised by an abusive heroin addict who did sick things to me. For some reason, I grew up ok though… Anyways, my whole life since I was little I felt that “I’m here for something” always. I remember. I dc what people say, I remember. Just something, I kept saying I’d figure out what one day. But for now I just knew I was here for something.

I was 7, 7 years old, all I remember is sitting in a booth at Sweet Tomatoes with my mom and grandma and the guy… this man, he worked there.. he came to me hysterical, crying.. he was slouched over.   I’m not sure if he was on his knees or just bent. Darker skin, dark hair. All  I remember him saying is “you’re one of them, you’re one of the angels, you can heal” .. I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD EATING CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH MY GRANDMA.. Let me tell you, I’m 23 now and have a hard time remembering what day it is. But I remember that image so vividly. And ever since that day I was curious about myself..

Well a lot happened after that until now. I fought for my life up until this day and probably will continue to but that’s the thing, I don’t understand WHY, why me? Why has it always been this way? I’m getting impatient, things don’t make sense, people don’t make sense, I don’t even make sense of my own self anymore. Life is not fucking right and I can’t stop it. But I have this sense of peace in me that my family has always advised as “the family’s peacemaker” or “monkey in the middle” cause when everyone hated each other, I NEVER CARED I JUST WANTED TO FUCKING BE HAPPY.

But,THAT WAS THE PROBLEM I felt everyone else’s feelings so if they were mad at me or someone else I felt the anger in my heart.. even my stomach. My life was a sick feeling, it still is. But I have a little girl watching me now.
And, no, I didn’t end up with a white fence as a stay at home mom, married to a business man. I struggle to get by with a roommate & no help from her father.

Not the point.
I’m tired of waiting to “find out what it is” I want to know what it is about me. Why me? What can I do? What gifts do I have? How do I use them? How do I take care of my mental state when I feel as if I have lived this life so many times that anything further that happens is so irrelevant to my beliefs. I feel as if I am not even living in my own world anymore. This is everyone else’s world. I don’t belong here.

My kind is loving, generous, understanding, heart felt, but brutally honest, bold and creative. Help me figure out what I am doing here, or how to get out.

Ps. I don’t know if this is related to anything, but aside from my intuition being impeccable, constantly finishing peoples sentences without realizing it, typically I’m the best one in the group to “predict” anything but I have an odd issue with electronics. Is this normal? I’ve gone through 4 warranty exchanges this year for my phones battery port suddenly burning out.

Don’t know if anyone will even read this but if you are THANK YOU SO MUCH. PLEASE HELP ME, I’m so tired of being curious and lost.

DUCHESS RESPONDS Hi Brittany. This may seem so simple it feels unreal…here’s what you do. Everyday, hopefully at the same time, find a quiet spot, with the phone, tv and any other thing that chatters turned OFF. The first week, everyday sit quietly for 15min. and focus on your breath… eyes can be closed. When your thoughts start to roam, bring your mind back to your breathing… you can set a small egg timer to go off when time is up. Or set your cell phone to gently buzz when the 15 mins. is up.

The second week add an additional 5 min….the third week add another 5 until you are meditating 30 minutes a day. This will quiet your mind…Indigos need quiet space to insulate ourselves a bit everyday from the vibrational energy around us…Please keep in touch. Namaste

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Thank You For This Site-!


Thank you for this site, it’s very helpful.

It is frustrating knowing what you are and not knowing how to bring your gifts into the world. I’d like to share this connectivity meditation technique…

Sit comfortably, hold something natural that you are drawn to – a crystal, a stone, a feather. Maybe something you’ve come across on a recent nature walk. We are all connected through nature. Close your eyes and imagine you’re viewing the planet from way up high. Now imagine on either side of you are your fellow Indigos. Either side of them, there are more and so on. Linking hands and multiplying until you have all surrounded the earth in a ring. Now imagine the healing light from the sun and the moon shining down on all of you. Connecting you and filling you with warmth and powerful healing energy, charging you all like rechargeable batteries. Stay here until you feel you have recharged sufficiently. Ponder on connectivity – we are all connected and we are here to help nurture this planet.

This healing light surrounds you and is inside of you. Tread gently through this life and others will basque in your healing light too. When you bathe or shower imagine your healing energy being passed on into the world through the water. Water is everywhere and constantly being recycled. You really can make a difference just by being you, don’t be afraid to be who you are.

Get involved in your local community – reach out. Go to church, even if you do not class yourself as belonging to a religion. God is just another name for the creator and you know you were created right? I like to think of God or the creator as Mother Nature. She wants the truth and the truth is all. Go to church or a local group to connect and ‘love thy neighbor’ and things will start to fall into place for you. Are there any volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood? What are you interested in? Gardening? Then help with or even start a community garden! Art? Then assist with an after school art club! Dancing? Find an expressive dance class and move your body the way it wants to move! Singing? Start singing!

Remember that when you sing we are all singing with you! A beautiful, kind and healing voice once came to me when I was at my lowest and helped to lift me. The voice kept gently telling me to ‘do whatever you feel like doing!’ So I did, I danced like I had never danced before, I sang like I had never sung before. A beautiful voice came out of me that felt like I had connected to a thousand friends voices and I no longer felt alone in my journey on this planet. I suddenly had the urge to start my day in synchronization with the rising sun and meditate and stretch as she rose – welcoming each day with a new felt connectivity to nature.

I’ve never told anybody about this before as people will just think I’m crazy. It’s all too easy for people to think that! If you think you may be an Indigo I think it better to keep it to yourself as people fear what they don’t understand. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be something you’re not, just that I wouldn’t tell people about your earth mission. I hope that sharing this will help some of you 🙂

Indigos Post Their Experiences

Iqbal 5/17

Hi all, I am Iqbal from Jogjakarta-Indonesia. I don’t know why but I got directions from the voice inside me direct me to go to this web page. I am 35 years old man and for 10 years behind I am hibernating my indigo ability. But the more I try to hide or seal it, the more it become useless. Why.? Because this ability always direct me to do my Healing Ability. I don’t know how and why at first, but I can felt someone’s disease just by aiming and shoot-entered their spot between eyebrows and felt his/her disease into my body. If his/her got stomach or gastric problems, then I felt also awful in my stomach. After that, I confused how to get back normal again at And now after practicing more and more, alham-du-lillah (praises to God) I can easily do that scanning thing even by a his/her picture. Yes, for answering all of questions for Lesson 1. Nice to know you all Indigos, made me more comfort that I am not the only one. For those that still confuse, I can only share: Trust and Do ASAP your instant deep heart guidance.

Manna 5/14/17

Hi there. So… In my early teenage years I developed a depression which intensified so abruptly where in a matter of 4 years I was admitted in a psychiatric hospital. In my last year of highschool I started experiencing severe anxiety from my lack of personal identity. I craved a path with an authentic meaning driven by passion but I lacked both and the idea of not achieving that felt like I would fail my calling. Years later, still falling around I came across an indigo woman who’s currently experiencing an awakening and man, did her open mindedness screw with my head. I’ve always strayed from the worldly norms but never had the urge to change it but rather a deep need to embrace kindness. A few months later and only now do I understand the importance of nature and comprehend how animal cruelty is not worth just a piece of meat. The problem though is still my depression. Now so, more than ever. And I find it nearly impossible for personal and spiritual growth. And I so badly desire that. I just don’t know what else to do and I really need some helpful advice

LunaD 5/18/17

I came across this site, and decided why not take the journey. It must mean something, that’s why I bumped into this.

When I was young, I’m not sure if I realized being “different” in a sense. Nonetheless, I did have a good gut feel. One time I was sitting watching TV then it just felt like something might fall in the spot where I was so I moved behind. Moments later a metal frame fell and if weren’t for the moved, it could’ve damaged my skull.

Before high school, I began to involve my self with yoga. I wasn’t immersed in anything related to it, also meditation. And it did continue. I am currently deepening my practice unlike before. I learned psychology in school and so I refrained from reading any material associated with this. I wanted to experience it first before reading so I know it was real, not just me justifying because of what I’ve read.

I broke every cellphone that I had. Also all the laptops I acquired. I thought it was just some bad luck or I’m really careless till I read about energy frequencies mainly because light flickers when I get excited and when I get too excited it shuts and I got curious.

I’m into environmental activism right now. There are just so many things that I’d like to share. Also I wish other people could share too. At this time so many things are buzzing in and sometimes they’re overwhelming that I really wish I could talk to someone who’d understand.

Or i dunno, maybe I just want to validate myself in some way for the reason that I am still halfway of logic and the ones that isn’t clear.


Jeanette 5/20

We have to find and/or awaken every Indigo on the planet in order to save our planet and to make the change that is needed. I am weirdly being shown how to do this and it’s pretty terrifying actually but I have to do it. The angels and ascended masters woke me up fast and I am reeling but I feel like those of you who are going to be told the truth will reply. I am being pushed hard to get a message out. I see the path laid ahead of me and hopefully you will too. Those of you who are supposed to see this will.

The Pain Of Being Indigo…Can Be So Sad

Posted By Another 4/20

For as long as I can remember I only wanted or cared about one thing. Being good, doing what’s right. It killed me when I’d disappoint others or I lied. Been at war with what I feel is really right and what the world says is right all my life. Iv’e been through a lot. Iv’e kept secrets for people who hurt me until their death so that they themselves wouldn’t have to hurt. It’s easier letting people hurt me than being the cause of someone else’s pain. It hurts on a level no one can understand. A simple lie I can not keep because even that tears at me. I am always and always have done what is right no matter the sacrifice. Though I too have my flaws and many mistakes that is my only goal. Sometimes even losing family or friends. Iv’e always felt alone like I didn’t belong here. No one was like me, no one understood how I could be how I am. It literally hurts me to hurt someone else. I can feel how they feel. I can put myself into anyone shoes and people can’t get that. I’m not bound by selfish incapability to see others reason. It’s often the reason I feel torn. My whole life some of my family has tried to teach me how to meditate do things with my mind, literally prepare me for “saving the world” they said. I never believed them. Thought they were crazy. I’m just me trying to bring a little good back into the world I’m not special. They said one day it’ll be time and you’ll know I was right. Iv’e always been stuck between what’s logical and what’s just me. Iv’e always know when something bad was about to happen I’d get dreams and in waking life a feeling of somethings coming. Usually a death or huge obstetrical. At 15 I was pregnant no power no food but it was literally the best peaceful time in all my life. I began to see things that I never had, see people in ways I never did. That’s when I got my dreams. Always telling me what’s coming. There is two still left untold about me “saving the world.” I thought I was just crazy like my family and soon my dreams faded, my ability to see things different faded, to see people different faded. Still had them when things huge were going to happen, but the rest gone. My dreams were my most precious gifts, I loved them, cherished them good or bad. I stopped working to see beyond so I stopped seeing. I lost faith in the people. Felt like I couldn’t help anyone because no one was willing to help themselves. So I left the world went into hiding in a sense, put my all into raising my children making sure they never felt the pain I had to but also making sure they didn’t judge it harshly when pain comes. It’s not enough I know I’m here for a reason. It’s not to raise kids who know love even though its my life. It’s not to change people, or grow things, to teach things. I can’t put my finger on it sometimes it’s so close I can almost touch it but it’s bigger than that. The world is dying and it’s mans fault. We are selfish, greedy, money hungry people. We live to work not work to live, we kill everything or change it manipulate it. We build bombs that can level a whole county, literally kill this whole planet. We deserve what ever happens. We are a destructive race and don’t belong here. We ruin everything. EVERYTHING!! If we don’t change as a whole, us, our children or our children’s children will all perish for our mistakes. One or some people can not change, it will not work. Man as a whole, man as one has to change. Or history will always repeat. I don’t know my reason for being here and I know this life isn’t the end. But I’m not special, I’m not the odd ball out. I’m just me and if anything it’s the people of this earth who are the ones that don’t belong. I know I am right in my ways. Being good, doing what is right it isn’t easy, but it is the right way because loving people, doing what it takes to help someone else… It can’t be wrong. Giving the world back just a little respect for being on this beautiful planet should be everyone’s goal, because without the earth we are nothing. Religion is just a tool throw it ALL out. You wanna worship something worship the ground you walk on, you kill for, that us as a whole have completely destroyed!! Love is what is going to save this world not some God. If God should be the title of anything or anyone it should be LOVE. Unconditional love is the only love there is no other never has been and never will be. Until people can open there eyes and see others reason, love others at all cost, our future no longer exist.

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Indigos Experience It All

Sasha Comments:   Actually I saw my first ghost when I was 9/10years old,and it was my grandad. I was actually in a school assembly I was in junior school. I burst in to tears I was told by a teacher it was just my mind playing tricks on me as he had only died a few weeks and my sister use to think we could see this green blob thing as well, just lying over our bedroom door. We called it Jimmy green teeth. lol, That was actually before I saw my granddad. When I mentioned it to my mum she said it was my mind was playing tricks and that ghosts didn’t exist. I was told to shut up and that men in white suits would come in a van and take me away if I kept talking about it. I never had many friends when I was younger. It bothered me a bit. But as I got older it stopped bothering me. I use to just know stuff without knowing how I knew. Like my friends cousin having something wrong with her appendix, and another time I said she was pregnant, and I thought it was a boy. (Guess what!! I was right) As a passenger in a car driving down the road I saw something wrong with my dog. No idea what was wrong. A few weeks later he keeled over dead. He had been poisoned. Loads of mad stuff like that. I have even seen dead dogs. I described an old woman to someone I could see stood in the doorway. What she was wearing etc. It turned out to be my friends mum’s, mum and she had died before he was born. I asked my mum if I had been adopted. She told me don’t be stupid. I never heard of meditation back the. These things just started happening. Unfortunately I never noticed that this power or gifts stopped. But I was in an abusive relationship at the time. Some things are starting to awaken again. I usually know if there is an angel trying to get my attention through smells usually, or a ticklish feeling or ringing or buzzing in my ear, and feathers every where, and sensing at times an atmosphere when I have entered somewhere, or my gut will feel funny and I can know that something is wrong, or that there is something off about a person, I can usually tell if someone is taking drugs. I can not see aura’s. It’s quite fascinating,

Athena B Nadi Comments: n reply to RD.   Thank you for this site and the lessons so lovingly shared. The time we are in right now, the world needs this and need more people to realize their true potential through inner searching and inner love. Yes, I can see from some comments that some may find this site strange, and I suppose then, it is not (yet) for them. And, I guess, IS for those who are awakening and willing. Life is not so straightforward, that many will understand, without having looked inward. I remember as a child how deeply grieved I was simply being here on this plane and how I still am deeply grieved by what’s happening in the world. Where is the Love?

Having been born to a Muslim mom, Catholic dad and lived a life of grappling with numerous issues since childhood, hating institutions and constantly being forced to conform to what I’m not: a consumer, a slave to a system created by a greedy few… I find myself a healer, vegetarian, non-conformist, shaman, having a deep love for the Earth and all her creatures…all that is alive…and yet my journey of ‘discomfort’ has brought me here.
It’s still not easy…I detest money…and what it stands for, how it divides people and makes them yearn for material instead of placing importance on values. Hence the moral fiber of society seems to be fraying fast. I have always known though, that I cannot have a normal job…live in normal society, be normal because whoever decided that that is normal…is not normal for me. I did not decide to have this opinion; I have just always been like this.
It’s sad some days because I know I cannot force people to wake up, or to attempt what they are not yet ready for…and I pray that whatever it is I am supposed to do, to assist in the way that I can, becomes easier for me ( and those who feel the same). I do not know whether I am an Indigo ( that’s what I tell myself)…but in truth I know what I feel, who I am, what I am supposed to do. But I have found – living in society- it to be a challenging and lonely road. I am ever grateful, thus, to have been guided to your site – having asked Archangel Michael’s guidance and voilà. May all be blessed, rightly guided and willing to step forward into Light.

Josh Comments:   I’ve been feeling a lot of isolation with my understandings. I have always known I have a bigger purpose in this world and destined to do great things. I was extraordinarily different in my time in high school. Jock, class president, party goer, speech and debate. Yet isolated, the guy who could fit into any social group because of my acceptance of others. I’m now 22 and practically preach awakening through social media. I don’t get a lot of attention. It affects the ego but it does not stop me. I may not be making a major impact but I am having an impact. It is not my job to guide the awakening, but rather provide the doors to discovery. I stumbled upon these lessons after I just found out that the indigo child I know I am has a direct correlation with the 3rd eye. Its a sign. My goal in life is to help others make it to their  achievements. I am so happy to have found lessons to help me shape a better understanding of who I am to better discover the spirituality that I’ve been seeking to awaken to. I am considerably influenced by speaking out against the government. I love to talk about the things that are real issues that our country’s leaders do not address. I speak out for the changing of society’s norms and ignorance. All of this leads up to my current feeling of isolation. I just feel so misunderstood. My intuition is calling me to others with the same gifts. I am just deeply touched by the fact that my intuitions have lead me here. I am going to change by the end. I feel like I already know all of this deep inside. Its clicking. Now I have a way to understand it all. Thank you for guiding me into furthering my awakening.

Paula Gal Comments:  Hi! I am surprised by finding this website=)) I’ll keep it short to you^^ I remember having very long dreams which I could continue after waking up if I would’ve closed my eyes. The long dreams used to repeat after 4 months after I’d completely forgotten. The past years( maybe 2-3 or 4) I couldn’t dream that much at all…I probably didn’t remember the dreams. But, about 1 month ago, I had one of the long dreams I used to have as a 5 year old child ( now I’m 15). I’m very sure that I have synesthesia and I only realize it exists such as this about 3 months ago and I was shocked when I understood that not everyone around can see things as I do… I always had older friends like over 20 years old and I never related to same age. One friend of mine which is 30, is very wise and I can have very deep conversation with her regarding the usual talks , and she was the only one I related to when I was explaining to her how I see life and how I see what was before this existence and what will come after. She said that it’s pretty logical^^ I discovered about Indigos during last summer when a long distance family member( a sort of aunt) told me about Indigos because she believes that her youngest child is a crystal baby(she made the connections because of the intense talks we had and the fact that me and her son were both born with very bad problems, no one literally giving us a chance to life). Thank you for the support^^ If possible I would like to talk to other Indigos because I haven’t found one yet:((

When seeking others try going to   Search your zip code and keyword Indigo

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Readers Comment****Readers Respond

The following comments were a bit long to post under the lessons. These are posted as part of the monthly blogspot. Please comment if you desire to share. Thank You … Namaste, Duchess


Michael 10/22/2016

I didn’t understand why all people didn’t want change things, or don’t have this craving to improve all the things that need to be improve, or the question about God/spirituality/who we are,etc… (lot of things)

But I understand now, in reading this site, that not all people have this seed in them at the start of their life like me and others here (and there). They don’t know yet, they don’t feel yet. This seems simple, but it’s not. This requires a deep inner knowledge and strength to see and accept the truth about what happens in this world, about what is this world.
This require to see our inner light, and for that it required first for me to go through event that learn me the bad things of the world, that learn me what ego is and how bad it can destroy me. We learn in a faster way and in a harder way until we can truly see and trust our inner light and don’t allow anything to hide this light again. A lot of thing here try to hide the light, to prevent people who don’t know the light to find it inside them, even to hate it… We need to be strong 1st and realize that this world worth nothing without the inner light. My mistake was to believe that I had to integrate myself in the society and change myself to be like others (never work long at the same place). Reject myself all my life was a violent story, near suicide. All that because of the pressure of society and people and incomprehension. The bad is always because of incomprehension. The hard way is faster, but it’s always close to destroy us too.
Take care of you in the world, and of your inner light. Use it to stay in peace and joy. Just doing this will do a good part of the job by itself.

Kiss to all of you from Belgium ?

Rob 11/4/16

this is insane… I relate to everything about the indigo person so far.. The out of body experiences, the feeling I don’t belong in my family or that I’m different than everybody else.. Not that I was any better than anybody but that nobody had the same visions as I did… I have seriously lost track of whatever this indigo person inside me was… Psychologists tried to put me on adhd medications which I refused because I knew I had to keep the real me showing and moving forward untainted if you will, and there was just SOMETHING there that I felt I was a part of even though I truly felt like I was a part of nothing around me… when I was 2 years old I began playing piano, by 4 playing by ear with 2 hands being called a prodigy all over the place… I would create my own piano pieces that sounded nothing like other music around me, recording none of it… I did not ever learn how to read music but went on to learning difficult classical pieces by listening to them and hearing every note, being able to single out each and every note and visualize where the player’s fingers were in order to learn myself… I lost track of who I was because of main stream society… I could not hold a job for my life, I was against all authorities but was NEVER a bad kid… I didn’t let drugs or alcohol get in the way of my visions… I never took over the counter medicines or anything at all unless I absolutely HAD to because something deep inside me rejected the thought of them. I have lived an incredibly healthy life until I “woke up” to the world and began to conform… losing touch with my soul in order to survive financially… I hate everything I do now, and nothing brings me peace anymore. I’m stressed and depressed, and have a once burning fire inside me that just sits there like red hot coal waiting to be blown on in order to spark a flame again. I don’t know what to do with myself, I have a deep sense that there is something uniquely special about me, but outwardly I cant express myself anymore because I am simply a 34 year old man with ADHD who cannot seem to do anything right in my life…. I am in desperate need of a direction to move.

Tracy 12/3/16

I am just starting lesson 3 but wanted to come back to lesson one quickly to leave a reply.

I am an Indigo adult at 39. I have recently (4 months) been ‘aware’ of my awakening, although now I can look back and begin to connect the dots for years passed. I am been on a mach speed awakening – or at least it feels that way to me. I cannot read, and research enough to feed my hunger for the knowledge that I am unraveling. I know that I need to have patience and I know that things will only be opened up when I am ready and in divine timing. But I am here, I am shining my light. Raising my vibration. Radiating my love. Helping as many as I can wherever and whenever I can. I turned (overnight) from a high animal protein diet to a RAW VEGAN diet. It’s been 16 weeks now. I have also been guided to start studying Holistic Nutrition and am absorbing information on the healing properties of food and their emotional and spiritual properties that they hold. Retaining it like I have known this before (tucked away from a past life?) I know that my purpose is here to help heal. To bring light to people and help them to SEE. I have never felt more at peace and more connected than I do right now in my life. Knowing that I chose to come here, to work for God, to HELP change the ways. I am excited to learn, and grow into the person that I came here to be.

I have always been very strongly intuitive. I have memories as a child of ‘having eyes in the back of my head’ as I called it. but cannot remember that ability past age 5. I was gifted academically and received my first award in kindergarten. I was in an enrichment program from grades 1-6 where I went to a special class to do mensa type puzzles for an hour every day. I recall many situations where I strongly ‘knew’ something bad was going to happen but I didn’t know what, when, or how and within minutes/hours something did. I was born in 1977, I have grown up having tourrette’s syndrome (an eye tic where I blink a lot). I had ocd as a child and was and still have moments where I am a perfectionist. Although having kids has tamed my ocd/perfectionism tendencies.

When I came across INDIGO information just a couple of weeks ago I never for a second questioned if I was one or not. I just knew. I have stumbled across your website searching more information, my divine homework that I am driven to do every spare moment that I have.

I am going to a Soul Contract Revocation on Thursday and am also seeing a Medium before that appointment. I have a strong feeling that Spirit has a message(s) for me that I am not yet able to hear myself. Exciting adventures ahead my fellow light workers! ASPIRE TO INSPIRE


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Understanding Our Gifts As Adults

Ana 9/7/2016 

When I was a child I didn’t really understood what was going on around me. Whenever I thought about something it happened. If I wanted for something to be different, in the end it would be different just as I thought it should be. I was scared, well I’m still scared sometimes because I’ll never know what could I wish next. At first I thought that I hear voices in my head but then I realized it was energy flowing  Now I see two persons in me. At begging they were fighting, but now I’m united, I’m scared and peaceful in same time. I’m good and evil in same time. Good for people, bad for me. And I don’t mind it. I need them to be safe to be protected. And I don’t mind being sacrificed for them. There is nothing and there is everything. In the end I understand being one. Some say the world is coming to the end of it’s time and it really is. And I’m happy for it. I’m just sad that I won’t see the new Start. Evolution. But I’m happy because I’ll be the part of evolution, the voice for the next. The energy that I see now. The energy that I was, I’m going to be and still am. I call for you to understand. You don’t need just to feel, you need to understand too. You never know by who voice you’re guided. Trust me, and you’ll never know me. Be suspicious and you’ll understand me.

Response:  Ana, We all possess the ability to create. We can create that which we perceive as good (positive) and that which we perceived as bad (negative). It is part of our spiritual gifts. As for the world coming to an end, it has always been that way. The world is not coming to a physical end…it is reaching its vibrational end. Things are evolving each and everyday. Therefore what was yesterday is no longer the same today. Once we reach today….yesterday came to its end. We only have today…for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

First Wave 9/15/2016

Hello. Lovely site. I have been searching for Indigos in large number for some time, since by definition we were placed on this earth for higher purpose. While it is lovely to have individual peace and overall commiseration amongst ourselves, the surrounding world persists on in serious peril and despair. With that being noted, is it not well overdue for us to work towards forming a think tank, a collective to actually begin inciting real change? To finally be the authority leading the charge for a future in light? I ultimately believe the reason why so many of us have depressive and rage episodes is because our abilities are not being utilized to its fullest potential, thereby frustrating and stifling the facets that makes us who we are, which naturally then leads to all of this negative emoting. Truly there is much work to be done. We should be doing something much greater than what we are.

Response: A smile to you. You are so on time

Svetlana 9/16/2016
Hi. Only yesterday for the first time in my 33 years I’ve heard about Indigo children. Now I completely understand why I feel so different in my childhood and why I was so spiritual strong. I always felt that I have something still to be achieved in my life. I have a beautiful family, knowing who I am in life, now I feel complete. I also have child 5 years old who is very confused what do other people expect of him and why does he behave in certain way. He is a very clever boy. But we have so much misunderstanding between him and his teachers at school. I’m not sure if he fits in description of a christen child, because he is scared of everything Talks about dieing and very anxious and can be aggressive at the same time very forgiving and loving.. I don’t know how to help him to thrive in this world. If you could help meet some other pls.

Response: For you, I would say do all 28 lessons. This will help you understand yourself. For your five year old. Read the children’s books to him. Do some of the guided meditation children’s stories with him. Once you and your child learn to tap the power within, things will begin to make sense.

Harold Says: Hi I am an indigo and thnx to these few lessons I am going to do what I am called to do I remember my mission it is to teach people how to reconnect with the plants and animals and even other people around us it is to show people how to feel what nature says hi when animals say hi it’s to teach that we don’t need the things that we have in this economy we live in today and I never gave up my true abilities I still use them today to help others and like most of us I figured out that if u just let ur natural abilities guide ur life u will be doing ur mission from one indigo to all I must say don’t fear what u are and what u are to become just let ur abilities just flow from u and follow where they lead ur abilities are the key for us to have a happy life and a better future. Peace and prosperity to all


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